Thursday, April 7, 2011

April Update

We are now over the $4,000 mark in less than five months. God has truly blessed this project and we are on pace to conclude this effort in much less than the one year that we planned.

One of the coolest things about this project has been seeing all the people that God has brought alongside the three families that originally began this journey. The latest group is from Charles Henderson High School in Troy. Karla Johnson is an English teacher that coordinates a Books of Hope project every year to raise money to send student-written and illustrated books to needy children in Africa. This year in addition to the books they are also raising money to donate to our well project for the people of Sudan. They held the first of two five-mile walk-a-thons on Thursday March 31. Eighteen students, teachers, and administrators participated and we are hoping for another good group for the second walk-a-thon. We continue to praise the Father for the many different people he is using to help bring clean and living water to the people of Sudan.