Monday, November 5, 2012

Fall Update

A lot has happened since the last update on the blog. We have completed our third well project, this one in India. We are now very close to completing a fourth project over all and second project in India. This is in addition to the two wells that are located in South Kordofan, Sudan. It is truly humbling to see that what God has provided over the past two years. Since we began this project on November 16, 2010 there has been a total of $13,722 donated to the cause of sending clean and living water to Sudan and India. Now we are only $778 away from being able to fund another well that will provide a local church in India with an incredible and unique opportunity to reach those around them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

There have also been some cool events in Troy that have helped raise funds for the cause of clean water and the Gospel. The first WOD for Water in Troy raised over $15,000 in October. The brothers of the ATO fraternity at Troy University raised over $3,000 during their OcTauberfest party on campus.

We ask that you continue to pray for the wells in South Kordofan and for the church and people that are affected by them. Also for the people that will be impacted by the well that is currently under construction in India. And if you would be willing to contribute towards the final $778 to complete our next project in India you can always do that on the right side of this blog.